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Stichting Integration Dance Theater

SIDT is very proud to have and introduce you the dance company. A Dance company with amateur dancers who are educated / trainend in bharatanatyam and Indian contemporary dance by their Guru Sri.Satishkoemar.


Bharatanatyam 8 sept. / 28 sept.:

Warsha Gopal, Sitcha Nirmal, Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan.

Bharatanatyam 6 /7 oct.:

Warsha Gopal, Sitcha Nirmal, Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan, Rawien Balesar, Usha Roshni Jaggan and Tharsana Kumarathasan.

Indian Swan:

Nitika, Chouhan (Swan), Warsha Gopal (Cobra), Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan (Prins), Zijwan Aref (Stephmother), Omar Polman Tuin, Sandjay Laloe, Kai Bhawanibhiek, Radjan Kanhai, Ranjitha Joseph, Yamin Chan, Jade Chan, Neina Jitbahadoer and Meher Khan-Muztar

Nitika Chouhan (Swan)

Already for 15 years she has lived her passion, the classical dance style bharatanatyam. first she started her dance classes with Guru Smt. Geeta Ramlal. And since 2008 with Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. Under his guidance she is now training for her arangetram (dance debuut). Nitika is Also developed her dancing skills in Indian contemporary and cinema Indian dance.

Rawien Balesar

Under guidance of Guru Smt. Avinasha Gangarampanday (Holland) he started his course in bharatanatyam. Now he carries on his bharatanatyam course by Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. Under his guidance he is now training for his arangetram (dance debut).

Warsha Gopal (Cobra)

Started her dance course with Guru Smt. Henriette van Staal (Holland). Then 2 years of training from Guru Smt. Shakuntala Devi (Holland). And afther a year a graduated student (Chrada Sheoratan) of Guru Smt. Shakuntala Devi gave the dance classes. Now Warsha is continued as Student of Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. Under his guidance she did her arangetram (dance debuut) in 2 May 2015

Mrs Tharsana Kumarathasan (Natyakalajothi Bhrathakalavithar)

A talented and committed Bharatanatyam dancer from Germany. She has been learning Bharatanatyam for over 20 years. She exhibits good command over on technique as well as mature abhinaya. She is also well versed with the theory of dance. She thus successfully combines practical knowledge with theoretical one, resulting in very compelling performances on stage. Coming from cultural background, her parents introduced her to Bharatanatyam at the age of 7 under guru Kirupanithi Ratneswaran. She then continued to learn theories of Bharatanatyam and did her arangetram under guru Atputharani Kirubaraj. In recent years, she has been trained by guru Amala Antony Sureshkumar on advance margams, theories of Bharatanatyam and obtained qualification to teaching Bharatanatyam. 

Omar Polman Tuin

Started dancing / training sinds 2013 in Satish dance Company

Is learning classical and contemporary Indian dance. And sinds January 2016 training in Nattuvangam (cymbals) by Guru Sri. Satishkoemar. 

Sandjay Laloe

Born in Suriname and living in Almere.

Work as an analyst at: Sanquin blood supplies in Amsterdam.

His interest in dancing is partly due to Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan.

He knows Satish through a school education as classmates, so they were also "dance companions". After a nice period of dancing he stopped, but Satish went on informing him about upcoming performances and happily there he has made something beautiful. And now he is participate again with one of his beautiful theater productions. Sandjay hopes the audiance will soon enjoy one or more of this beautiful dance performances.

Jade Chan

She has always been amazed by the beauty of the indian classical dance. She is a huge fan of these great dancers, really love to see them perform and now she has the great opportunity to join them in this project. She feels honored that their Guru Satishkoemar has the patience to teach and train her to let her perform in this show too. for her It is an awesome challenge to learn this dance style a great experience to see this project from beginning to the end. And is very thankful to be a part of it.

Rajan Kanhai

From a very young age he was impressed and interested in different kind off dance like Bihar folk dance (Bhaitakgana), Salsa, Merengue and other local Surinam dances. At the age of 14 year he started taking Kathak classes at dance school Perkaash in Surinam. With lots of joy he participated in different dance shows under guidance of his teacher ShaksiGopal . Since then i am always into experiencing new Dance and Drama.

Kai Bhawanibhiek

Undertaking bharatanatyam classes by Guru Sri. Satishkoemar since 2017. 

Neina Jitbahadoer

Is 16 years old. Next school year she is joining the 5th havo exam school year. She has been dancing since childhood and want to keep dancing. She loves dancing because she can express her self. Dancing is a part of her life that no one can take away from her.

Yamin Chan

Has always enjoyed dancing. Whether it was dancing traditional Chinese dance as a child or dancing bollywood for her friends wedding. She had never danced for a production of this size, so she happily joined our group with much excitement.

Ranjitha Joseph

Born in India and migrated to Amsterdam due to a job at Amc, working as surgical assistant. Dance is always being her passion, started learning dance at small age, inbetween stopped due to some circumstances. And done her Bharatanatyam arangetram in Bahrain 2013 under Guru Srimathi Subha Ajith. Since 2014, started dancing wit Satish Dance Company.

Zijwan Aref (Stephmother)

Zijwan Aref loves dancing. She has always admired the beautiful Indian dance. Now she is very happy and grateful to have the opportunity to dance with this dance company.

Meher Khan- Muztar (Dancing puppets)

Sitcha Nirmal

Sitcha Nirmal is a talented dancer/ performer in multiple dance styles.

She started her dance classes in Kathak (North Indian dance style), Bollywood and Bellydance/ Trible. For further experience in dance she learned Salsa and Bachata.

In 2008 she started with Bharatanatyam (Classical South Indian dance) under guidance of Guru. Sri Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan. With a lot of love and happiness she is now dancing in performances of her Guru.

With all her experience and passion for dance she is now able to lead her own Bollywood dance workshops (with a touch of workout) and her own performance group "Apsara's" (together with colleague dancers, students of her Guru )

She hopes to be an inspiration for jong talents.

Usha Roshni Jaggan

Fascinated by dancing, Usha Roshni Jaggan followed dance lessons at a young age in the North Indian dance style Kathak, with the late Guru Abdoel Gaffer and in the South Indian dance style Bharata Natyam with the late Guru Srimati Rajamani. In 1988 Usha did her Arangetram at the age of 14 in the theater of the Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. To share the endless possibilities with Indian dance art with a wide audience, Usha has founded the dance organization KamalRoshan. She has made productions and collaboration between various dancers, where Integration of dance disciplines and creativity with Indian dance are central. In her dance career, Usha has choreographed various semi-classical and fusion dance pieces from the Bharata Natyam.